Celeberate Your new year with Kamal Raja in Islambad

He is performing at Mini Golf Club Bahria Town Phase 4 for this new year celebration

kamal Raja in islamabad

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and has a vibrant music scene with a range of genres and styles represented. There are many talented musicians and artists based in Islamabad, and the city has a number of music venues, clubs, and concert halls where live music can be enjoyed. Many music festivals and events also take place in Islamabad throughout the year, attracting local and international artists and performers. At the new year celebration, Dutch-born rapper Kamal raja is in the twin cities and performing live in Mini Golf Club Bahria phase 4.

Kamal Raja is a Dutch-born musician well known for the fusion of traditional South Asian music with modern western music and elements of hip-hop and electronic dance music. The genre has a strong following among young people and is often featured at concerts and music festivals in Pakistan. Beyond Records is hosting a concert in Mini Golf Club phase IV Islamabad to say farewell to 2022 if you’re seeking for a more classic, nostalgic New Year’s Eve event. Arbaz Khan, Nimra Mehra, and renowned Dutch singer Kamal Raja will perform to electrify the crowd. Rapper Kamal Raja is most known for his work. As they are also issuing tickets online, make sure you get your tickets as soon as possible. If you can’t, you can always find them at bookme.pk.

No matter what type of music you like you will definitely enjoy the concert. So book now your tickets now at bookme.pk and enjoy you new year at the concert.

Be on the lookout for the Neemopani team as well because we’ll be providing our audience with coverage of the event in Islamabad.


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