9 Last-Minute Cheap Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

A completely normal day where all the hyped notion about romance is based on pure love, and totally not corporate companies creating campaigns to make you feel guilty for not buying their expensive products.

Valentine’s day! A completely normal day where all the hyped notion about romance is based on pure love, and totally not corporate companies creating campaigns to make you feel guilty for not buying their expensive products. What could spark the love more than those PKR 2000 chocolates or that PKR 10,000 teddy bear. After all, money is the only thing that you can show as an expression of your love.

Everywhere you look around be it bazaars or television ads, the markets are screaming of unpreserved totally natural red roses, ridiculously expensive chocolates, and normal perfumes that are ten times more expensive because they have pictures of a heart on them.

But if you cannot buy expensive gifts for Valentine’s day because you had a life and forgot about it, or you are simply broke, then this article is just for you! In this article, I will cover all those cheap gift ideas that you can present to your significant other, without appearing like a beggar or a miser. In fact, some of these ideas are so cheap that you might not even need to spend more than PKR 100. Ok, maybe PKR 500. If you spend less than that, then ask yourself why you have a girlfriend. Seriously mate! Also, you should be really good at spinning tales.

Overly Romantic Necklaces from a Thrift Store

You will find these necklaces anywhere really. And quite possibly, the shopkeeper might know what you want and suggest to you the cheapest of bronze necklaces that can look like they were really expensive. Try going for the ones that have even a hint of red color in them, as they qualify the most. Or better, just buy a normal low-class necklace and make up a story about why it is the perfect valentine’s day gift.

Cheap Lipsticks from Literally Any Store

We got some good news for you! There are really cheap lipsticks that are sold under PKR 100. While quality-wise, they might not fret well, you can just make up a story about how you kept searching for hours to find the perfect gift, and those PKR 1000 lipsticks caught your glance. Of course, if your significant other’s smart, you won’t get away with this. You can also buy an under PKR 100 lipstick and PKR 100 necklace and pair them together to create the perfect excuse for a gift.

Those Totally Free Roses from Your Neighbour

Yup! What good are the neighbors when they can’t even help you make sad excuses for forgetting Valentine? If one of your neighbors owns garden beds, you can easily beg them for flowers in exchange for something that they will definitely ask later on. And if you don’t have neighbors, there is another priceless idea. Like literally! Ever seen those dandelions sprouting on the side of the roads? Pile them up, make a cheap bouquet and gift it to your significant other.

Red Keychains or Cheap Teddy Bears

Basically, the color red is what you should be looking for while scouring the market for any Valentine’s Day gift. Red keychains or those cheap teddy bears that the roadside vendors sell might just be the spark you tell yourself you need to save your relationship. That’s right! We know. You keep forgetting Valentine. What were you expecting?

Some Cheap Chocolates Wrapped in Red

Can’t buy any expensive chocolates? Well, we have got just the last-minute idea for you. Buy some cheap chocolates, and melt them up in the microwave. and cool them a bit. Then wrap those shapeless chocolates in the red paper you can buy anywhere. Then, just freeze them and when you present them to your significant other, she will think that they are the most expensive chocolates out there in the market.

Red Cloth

Red socks, red handkerchief, tissue paper, or any cloth that screams red is one way to go. Sprinkle them with perfume and tell your significant other that these were the most expensive gifts out there in the market. And if she objects, just make a story about how much thought you put into buying them. Basically, a good excuse can help you anywhere.

Rooh Afza or Red Sting

Get her a cheap bottle of one of these drinks. They are red and they serve the purpose here in letting you get away with forgetting yet another valentine. You can even add the two drinks together and convince your loved one that this is the love potion that they are so frequently selling in the markets. Do remember to remove the labels, and add a small heart sticker on the bottle to make it look like a completely separate brand product.

Cheap Self Made Cards

At such a late hour, you will not find any good cards. Why not make them yourself? Simply buy some really cheap stickers in red along with red markers, and buy a small piece of paper. Load those papers with as many red stickers as possible, and write something in as best handwriting as you can. Which you obviously won’t be able to do since it is the last minute. And when your significant other makes a startled face, tell her that you couldn’t find any card in the market that matched her worth.

That Perfect Excuse

If you are a master storyteller, then you can forget Valentine’s Day and easily cook up a convincing story to cover it up. Now note that this is a really powerful technique, and if you use it too much, it might come to bite you in unpleasant places.

Just tell your loved one that she is so special, that Valentine’s Day alone is not good enough for her, and you want to make cherished memories with her on an everyday basis. Based on how you present it to her, you will either succeed or end up getting a big lecture.

So these were the perfect gift ideas that we had for Valentine’s Day. Try these to cover your mistake of forgetting yet another special day about your significant other. And if these ideas don’t work, then buddy, that’s really not our fault.

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