9/11 Effect After 22 Years

Who can forget the event that changed the whole world. It was the morning of September 11th, 2001 when America went under attack. It was not only America or the region but the whole world was affected by this agonizing terrorist attack. In the recent history the world politics and economics can be divided into two-time eras, pre-9/11 and post 9/11.


What happened in 9/11

It was a normal morning in The United States of America. American Airline flight 11 takes off from Boston International Airport to Los Angeles. There were 92 people in the flight, 81 passengers and 11 crew members. Among those 81 passengers 5 were hijackers. After 15 minutes of take off the hijackers took on the plane and entered the cockpit as well. The plane was forced and it hit against the North tower of The World Trade Centre. That time WTC was world’s tallest building and the building was supposed to be a business and economic hub in the country.

After 17 minutes of the incident one more flight, United Airline 175 was crashed into the South Tower of WTC. Within 30 minutes another plane was hijacked and was crashed against Pentagon building which was a very important building of American defence. The fourth plane which was hijacked did a crash landing in an open field. America was under terror attack. Nobody expected an attack like this. More then 3000 people were killed and more then 6000 people got injured in these attacks.


Conspiracy Theories

There are a lot of conspiracy theories related to the terror attack. Few say that Americans did this by their own because one day before the attack, American finance minister came on media and revealed missing transactions of 2.3 trillion dollars and the plan hit the accounts department in the World Trade Centre. Eventually an audio tape was released during 2004 elections which proved that the attacks were initiated by Al- Qaida and Usama Bin Ladin was the master mind behind these attacks. Before this audio tape came out America had already attacked Afghanistan using Pakistan territory.     


9/11 and Pakistan

Although the terror attack occurred thousands of miles away from Pakistan, it was Pakistan which got effected the most after Afghanistan. Pakistani land was used by Americans to attack Afghanistan. This led terrorists perform terror attacks in Pakistan. Our Army was used in operations against these terror attacks in Pakistan. Hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis lost their lives in war against terror. A war with which Pakistan had to do nothing directly. Today American has withdrawn its troops from Afghanistan but it has left its effects in Pakistan till date.


America and 9/11 Today

America has withdrawn its troops completely from Afghanistan. Today they have to do nothing to do with Afghanistan directly. This war has taken Afghanistan and Pakistan decades back in the progress.


No matter who was behind the attacks of 9/11. But the world got effected by these attacks. Along with the world Pakistan also has to look forward and walk on the route of development and progress. Thousands of people lost their lives in war against terror and in the incident of 9/11, the sacrifices must be regarded and the message of love, peace and harmony must be spread in this era of globalization.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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