1 Million Pakistanis to get Work Visas this Year

According to the minister, Japan has just lately begun giving visas to Pakistani employees who possess specialised skills.

1 million Pakistanis would be getting work visa
1 million Pakistanis would be getting work visa

Sajid Hussain Turi, the Minister for Overseas Pakistanis, has stated that the Pakistani government plans to deploy one million Pakistanis overseas for work opportunities in the upcoming year. Pakistanis work visas would be given to skilled Pakistani workers.

Turi made this declaration on Sunday during the course of an exclusive interview with a private television station. “Saudi officials will soon be visiting Pakistan in order to grant work permit visas, and new agreements are now being made with fifty additional countries, including Germany, Greece, and Romania,” he said. “Pakistan is one of the nations on the list.” In addition, Minister Turi stated that Saudi visas would be available to Pakistanis who have successfully completed the technical training test.

According to the minister, Japan has only just begun giving visas for qualified Pakistani employees, and South Korea needs 10,000 Pakistani skilled workers and aims to recruit them shortly. Japan has lately started issuing visas for skilled Pakistani workers.

In addition, Pakistanis may now apply for work visas in Germany and Romania, and negotiations are already in place to make it possible for them to secure professional and labor visas in Portugal and Greece.

This is indeed a piece of great news for Pakistani people who really wanted to work abroad. The government has taken a good initiative in helping young citizens.

Pakistanis work visas are very hard nowadays for people to get but Japan along with other countries has opened its doors for Pakistanis.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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