Youngest vloggers of Pakistan Shiraz and his sister Muskan invited to USA

An unsponsored post on the Startup Pakistan Facebook page claimed that Google and YouTube have invited Pakistan’s youngest vlogger, Muhammad Shiraz, along with his sister Muskan, to a seminar in the United States.

“The news was enthusiastically shared by none other than Syed Zaighum Kazmi, whose activist role for making Gilgit Baltistan popular is known to all. This is an influence that seems to have come through and looks like Google and Youtube have finally discovered Shiraz as a frontrunner. He represents a large and growing community of vloggers in Pakistan. The invitation offers them the opportunity to share what they experienced and thought about  brothers and sisters around the world. The quotation marks are mine, and I included the whole text exactly as it was provided.

Set as a new ambassador who will promote local beauty in the area, Muhammad Shiraz is a new face of the youngest, cutest, and sweetest vlogger from Gilgit Baltistan (GB).

His efforts have landed him at celebrity status in just a month, through the help of social media. He took the internet by storm, with a fan following across borders, and has managed to win their hearts in the diaspora community in just a month.

From Ghorsey, a small village of 2,000 people at the foot of the world’s highest battlefield, Mount Siachen, Shiraz takes you along as a tour guide would through cobblestone streets and Persian-style houses.

The 6-year-old speaks Urdu with a unique lilt and accent that is pleasing to the audience.

Muhammad Shiraz has also received a silver play button from the video-sharing website YouTube. Nevertheless, Shiraz made him recognizable from the style of innocence, but now he has roped for the Ramadan special program of the private television network and is seen on the TV screen in the Sehr o Iftar transmissions.

Written by Istafa Ali


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