UV Nail Polish Dryers Pose Cancer Risk

The usage of these UV light-emitting gadgets has been linked to cell death, according to research conducted at the University of California (UC) San Diego in the United States.

UV nail polish dryers pose cancer death
UV nail polish dryers pose cancer death

Researchers at California University and other scientists studied these ultra-violent (UV)light-emitting devices and found that they are causing the death of cells.

These UV nail polish dryers used in manicures may lead to cancer-causing mutations. They are actually destroying cells. Researchers said that If we look at these devices, they portray a very safe image giving a very safe marketing with nothing to worry about.

However, the researchers said, “to the best of our knowledge, until now, no one has truly investigated these devices and how they affect human cells at the molecular and cellular levels.”

The team tested the effects of both short-term and long-term exposure to ultra-violent radiation on three cell lines: keratinocytes isolated from adult human skin, fibroblasts isolated from the human foreskin, and fibroblasts isolated from mouse embryonic skin.

A single 20-minute exposure to one of these UV-emitting devices resulted in between 20 and 30 percent cell death, whereas three successive 20-minute exposures resulted in between 65 and 70 percent cell death. That is way too dangerous.

The surviving cells’ mitochondria and DNA were likewise damaged by UV radiation, leading to alterations with characteristics similar to human skin cancer.
“We observed that DNA is degraded,” stated Alexandrov (UC Researcher). In addition, “we discovered that part of the DNA damage can not be repaired over time and it does lead to mutations after every exposure with a UV-nail polish drier.” This indeed is very harmful to humans.

Scientists concluded that UV-nail polish dryers, like tanning beds, may raise the risk of early-onset skin cancer and that radiation released by these devices may induce malignancies of the hand.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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