Ushna Shah Hails her Wedding with a Spirited Dance

At Ushna Shah’s wedding, guests did see her dancing to the beat of “Lal Ghagra.”

Ushna Shah on her wedding with Hamza Amin
Ushna Shah on her wedding with Hamza Amin

Ushna Shah, a well-known Pakistani television performer, tied her knot with Hamza Amin today in a ceremony that was attended by a number of notable people.

The ceremony was attended by a large number of well-known Pakistani figures. Both Ushna Shah and Hamza Amin were dressed traditionally. Ushna Shah wore a red lehnga, and Hamza Amin wore an off-white sherwani.

The well-known and critically acclaimed worldwide musician Herbie Sahara gave a performance during her wedding. The musician sang his most popular song Billo Ni Tera Laal Ghaghra by RDB at Ushna Shah’s wedding. In addition to that, she danced to the tune of the song.

People didn’t like her dance, and Ushna Shah was criticized for putting together an Indian-style wedding. People on social media said that Ushna Shah’s outfit, set-up, and other things made them think of an Indian wedding.

They said that the performances make the wedding seem more like an overrated concert. A lot of people on social media said that she picked a bad outfit and couldn’t make a good impression on her big day. They also said bad things about her dancing.

People did criticize her for not following Pakistani culture and for following Indian styles.

This isn’t the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

All the other famous celebrities did come to Ushna’s wedding and enjoyed a lot.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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