Top 5 Scariest Movies of all Time

Give your summer time a thrill time by watching these top 5 horror Movies.

The timeless appeal of horror films is proof positive that everyone enjoys a good fright. There’s a lot of spooky entertainment to be obtained in the horror genre, from sudden jump scares and creepy settings to scary monsters and the supernatural. We have Top 5 Scariest Movies of all Time for you to watch this summer.

  1. A Quiet Place II:

The delicate nature of the formula is preserved in A Quiet Place Part II through its mining of basic anxieties and its continued attention to its characters. The fact that this movie portrays a post-post-apocalyptic setting so convincingly is one of the things that makes it such a compelling watch. In a very short amount of time, trembling and cowardly humanity has developed into a battered and colonized living form, and then it has gone one step farther down, into feral beings that silently turn on each other.

  1. Don’t breathe 2:

The events in “Don’t Breathe 2” occur eight years after those of the previous film, which, if you’re keeping score at home, is rather soon in the future. “Don’t Breathe 2″‘s attempt to rehabilitate Norman is its most audacious. It’s nice and even remarkable that a studio movie would allow such moral ambiguity in its horror hero—and that’s exactly what he is here, comparatively—but the source of his suffering persists until the conclusion. Despite his good intentions and compassion for pets, he still feels queasy.

  1. Evil Dead Rise:

The film Evil Dead Rise is wonderfully filmed, and there are numerous passages in it that stand out as particularly memorable. Two of them are the one in which the carnage is seen through a peephole and the one in which a face is caught in the cut of a homicidal mirror. And that last, famous steady cam shot is just so, so amazing that you practically shout for delight, mirroring the scream of dread as the frame fades to dark. It’s simply that good.

  1. Scream VI:

A new Scream 6 not only has to deal with an almost 30-year-long melodrama involving multiple families and grudges but also has to reinvent the wheel, with each sequel having to say or do something we haven’t seen before, unlike so many slasher sequels that focus more on the primal basics of watching someone in a mask do horrible things to anonymous young people.

  1. The Pop’s Exorcist:

The Pope’s Exorcist is the best horror film ever created because it perfectly captures the tone of campiness that the genre calls for. Yes, the film in which Russell Crowe portrays an Italian exorcist who answers to the pope himself is a lot of fun to see. It’s difficult to single out a single bizarre scene from Julius Avery’s latest horror thriller.

Perhaps William Friedkin, the filmmaker of “The Exorcist,” was inspired by the real-life Reverend Gabriele Amorth, a former top exorcist at the Vatican (in a bizarre turn of events, Friedkin had previously created a documentary on Amorth).

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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