The World’s Longest Zipline Waits for You!

The zipline is 7,521 feet long and stands 1,250 feet high, which makes it a big tourist draw in that area.

Want to have an experience of the Worlds Longest Zipline?

Noori Valley just got the world’s biggest and longest zipline in South Asia. If you’re thinking about going to Kaghan Valley, you’re in for a great time. This amazing zipline goes for a whopping 7,521 feet and goes up to a high of 1,250 feet in the air, giving riders an unbeatable experience in the beautiful valley.

Ziplining across the gorgeous surroundings of the Kaghan Valley may be an exhilarating experience for tourists, and it’s conveniently located only 40 kilometers away from Balakot. This world’s longest zipline in Kaghan Valley will give you all the chills you are missing.

The Deputy Commissioner of Mansehra, Bilal Shahid Rao, praised the installation of the zipline and stated that it further enhances the valley’s appeal to tourists.

Those people who have already had the chance to ride the zipline have all those positive things to say about it. Visitors, who are overjoyed by the newly introduced opportunity for adventure, have voiced their contentment with the most recent enhancement made to the tourism industry in Kaghan Valley.

They feel that it infuses the tourism offers of the valley, which needed of new and interesting attractions, with an element that is both revitalizing and invigorating.

Now, visitors to the area may take part in an adventure that will have their heart racing as they soar over the scenic Noori Valley.

So This summer break, a trip to Kaghan Valley is a must to experience that Zipline.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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