The Most Expensive Trophy Fifa World Cup 2022 Worth PKR 453 Crore And Total Prize Money

THE WORLD CUP is officially the most valuable trophy in football. It has always been worth its weight in gold and now we know exactly what that is.

The Most Expensive Trophy Fifa World Cup 2022 Worth PKR 453 Crore

The trophy, which is the most recognizable in all of the sports, is widely identifiable due to its style. The same trophy, which was created about 50 years ago, is awarded to the winners every four years. The Jules Rimet trophy was a distinct award given to the winners before 1974.

One of the most expensive trophies in sporting history, at $20 million. The gold in the trophy itself is worth $250,000 at today’s gold rates. After the epidemic, the market for sports memorabilia grew exponentially, thus the value may have easily climbed dramatically.

The most expensive prize in history, in fact. The FIFA World Cup trophy is 36.8 centimeters tall, weighs 6.1 kilograms, and is constructed of 18-karat gold with bands of malachite. The Italian firm Stabilimento Artistico Bertoni produced the trophy.

How much is the FIFA Club World Cup worth? There are no sources regarding the trophy’s worth. The total purse for the event, however, is $16.5 million, divided among the seven teams. The winner receives a cool $5 million, while the runner-up receives $4 million. The money is divided among the seven clubs as follows:

  • Winner $5 million
  • Runner-up $4 million
  • Third place $2.5 million
  • Fourth place $2 million
  • Fifth place $1.5 million
  • Sixth place $1 million
  • Seventh place $500,000


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