Sialkot Made football To Be Used In FIFA World Cup 2022

The “Al Rihla” football made in Sialkot would be used in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022, according to Sheikh Zohaib Rafique Sethi, senior vice president of the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI).

Sialkot made football to be used in FIFA World Cup 2022

The fact that the official ball of the international competition, Al-Rihla, is produced by a leading export company with headquarters in Sialkot, “Forward Sports,” is truly an honour and a source of great pride for Sialkot as well as the entire state of Pakistan. The 2022 World Cup will use the ball, which was made for Adidas. Football fields are set up in accordance with the local culture.

Speaking to APP, the SCCI SVP said that the development of the “Al Rihla” football by Forward Sports, a major exports company with its headquarters in Sialkot, for Adidas, which will be used at the FIFA football World Cup in 2022, was a great honour and a source of pride for Sialkot and even Pakistan.

He claimed that the brand “Forward Sports” would be utilised in the FIFA World Cup for the third time. He said that the football’s design would honour Qatari culture. The world is currently moving toward sustainability, and bio-based recycled materials are being used in its manufacture, claims Zohaib.

He said that water-based chemicals rather than solvent-based chemicals were used to create footballs since they do not pollute the environment.

He said that one of the best footballs in the world was the 20-panel ball.

The 2014 World Cup marked the first time “thermos bonding,” a novel technology, was used to stitch footballs, which had previously been hand-stitched for the World Cup. According to the SCCI SVP, Sialkot industry will continue to contribute fully to boosting Pakistan’s economy.

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