The best dermatologist-kept anti-ageing secrets

We tapped leading skin care authorities to divulge anti-ageing tips, including ways to lessen dark circles and puffy eyes, that they ordinarily wouldn’t divulge for free.

Over-the-counter anti-ageing skincare treatments seek to improve the indicators of ageing, such as skin spots, fine lines, and wrinkles, as well as to enhance collagen. However, the majority of these items are more hype – it is critical for customers to understand if a product is a cosmetic, a medication, or both in order to judge the truth of these claims.

So, which products are genuinely capable of reducing the indications of ageing? We consulted with medical specialists who shared their top anti-ageing tips for optimum skin health.

Use sunscreen to combat anti-ageing

Sunscreen is one of the most effective weapons in the fight against skin cancer, as well as one of the finest methods to keep your skin appearing younger and healthier. “UV radiation from the sun destroys skin, both the covering epidermis and the underlying dermis,” dermatologist Dr. Jerome Garden says. “The sun produces brown spots, red spots, and wrinkles in addition to increasing your risk of skin cancer.”


Expensive products are not always more effective

It may be tempting to pay for a skin-care item that claims to provide impressive results, but expensive does not necessarily imply high quality. According to dermatologist Dr Dendy Engelman, there are several fantastic affordable products that may create remarkable effects. “A higher price tag may indicate greater quality components or a larger concentration of an item, but the ingredients list is always more essential than the brand selling the product,” she explains.

Don’t buy generic skincare

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a high-quality skincare product, but there is a difference between a brand name product and a generic one, according to a dermatologist, Dr Joshua Zeichner.

“Many generic products are packaged to look similar to the original, and may even have the same ingredients list, however, the difference is the quality of the ingredients and how they are actually formulated,” he says.

Don’t buy an expensive cleanser

Dermatologists say that no matter how much a cleanser costs, it won’t work any better than most other cleansers that cost less. “The goal of a cleanser is to remove dirt, oil, makeup, and pollution from the skin without damaging the top layer of skin,” says Dr. Zeichner. “The ingredients that can do this are not expensive.” “In fact, some of the best cleansers on the market are also some of the least expensive.”

Don’t trust what anti-ageing cream states

One of the biggest mistakes, we all do is that we blindly trust all the content that is written on the back side of the creams. Not all that has been stated by these fancy cream companies is true. Each of us has a different skin texture and it’s not necessary it’s going to work the same way it has worked on your friend’s face.

Use Retinol, religiously

According to dermatologist, Dr Hadley King, topical retinoids are the most effective topical anti-ageing products (after sun protection). “There is great data that supports their effectiveness and safety,” she says. “While prescription retinoids are the most effective, there are now plenty of over-the-counter products that contain retinol and work well, especially on those with sensitive skin.”

Go for laser treatment

Dr. Garden advises laser treatments, which he specialises in if you want quick results without the usage of creams. “We have lasers to treat brown stains, red spots, blood vessels, and wrinkles,” he explains. “Fractionated lasers, which are newer equipment, may generate amazing outcomes with less downtime than before.” Although they are more expensive, he claims that these treatments may provide outcomes significantly better than creams. The only catch is that these devices are very powerful and, in many places, may be handled by people who are not even doctors. To minimise risks, he suggests having your laser treatments conducted by a board-certified dermatologist.



Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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