Telefun: Do you Recall the number 090078601?

One of our most cherished childhood memories includes watching Telefun, which can be accessed by dialling 090078601, an entertainment that we can never forget.

Telefun: childhood entertainment
Telefun: childhood entertainment

Do you happen to have a recollection of the number 090078601? The phone, or something else, is definitely ringing. One of our most formative childhood experiences involves Telefun, a provider of entertainment services from the early 2000s.

In their recent show at Karachi’s Full Circle Gallery, young aspiring artists Areeb and Affan Tariq bring back the Telefun experience.

Areeb Tariq is a designer, artist, and professor who takes an interest in the experimental. During the past four years, he has held a series of successful exhibitions on both a national and international scale.
His primary mediums are digital art, fashion, and installations. His art celebrates the bond between humans and the natural world while probing deeper questions of love, identity, and belonging. Areeb’s major projects, RadicalX and Ajeeb Collective showcase his textural, playful, and experimental style.

Since he began his professional career four years ago, the majority of his work has been done with spray cans. The mimicry that Affan incorporates into his work demonstrates his creative imagination, and he enjoys experimenting with a variety of typefaces. He has been an ideal since our childhood.

This Telefun was indeed a good memory of our childhood, which is once again recalled by Areeb Tariq. Nothing but all fun and excitement, carefree from whatever is happening around. You only need to get hold of a receiver, dial the number 090078601, and you will once again experience all the flashbacks of your childhood.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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