Tech Giants On A Firing Spree

Tech companies seem to be on a major firing spree lately. Twitter and Facebook have recently gotten rid of thousands of employees and now Spotify is reportedly doing the same, albeit on a smaller scale.

Tech Giants On A Firing Spree

Spotify reportedly fired 75% of its talent team. The news comes from a Spotify employee who anonymously told The Blind that the company is getting rid of nearly 75% of its talent acquisition team at its global office. Around 150 of 200 people are going to be fired with 3 weeks of severance pay.

The anonymous employee said that only those on probation received 3 weeks of severance pay. The rest were given 2 months of severance pay and then a 2-month pay lump sum in addition to that. The nameless source was one of the people who were removed from Spotify.

The report comes only a few days after Meta and Twitter got rid of thousands of employees. The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week that Facebook is planning to get rid of more than 3000 employees, which is much larger than its rival social network Twitter. The layoffs are expected to start tomorrow.

Earlier this year in June, Meta’s chief product officer Chris Cox warned employees of “serious times” and that they must “execute flawlessly in an environment of slower growth.”

On the other hand, Twitter also got rid of thousands of workers, only to invite them back a few days later. According to reports, some employees had been fired “accidentally” and some were removed before the management realized that their skills and experience were needed to work on Twitter’s upcoming projects.

Twitter Inc. Fires More Than 90% Of Its Staff In India

The remaining employees are now being overworked to meet deadlines for new features. Some employees were even seen sleeping at work to meet their demanding deadlines.


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