Sonya Hussyn Plays an addict role in “Gangs of Kharasaan”

With burn marks on his face, golden-brown short hair, and a cigarette by his ear, the actor is ready to tell a hard story.

Sonya Hussyn loves taking on unusual lead parts and isn’t afraid to push the limits. In Abu Aleeha’s movie Daadal, the actor played a boxer who turns into a target killer. Now, she plays a drug user. Sonya Hussyn is ready to tell the story of Murshid in her new play, Gangs of Kharasaan. She has burn marks on her face, dry purple lips, and a cigarette by her ear.

On Wednesday, Hussyn posted the first picture of her character on Instagram. “Addicts are humans too!” she wrote while wearing a washed black silk co-ord set.

“Meet Murshid! Here’s the first look at my new project, Gangs of Kharasaan!” Gohar Rasheed, an actor, is also a part of the project, but we don’t know much else about the story yet.

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Hussyn has played an addict on TV before, but this is the first time she has fully changed her appearance to fit the role. Before this, the actor played a role in the 2020 thriller Saraab, which was about how hard it is to live with schizophrenia.

Hussyn’s most memorable role to date is still Hoorain, who she played in the Mohsin Talat movie. “After playing Hoorain in Saraab, Murshid is another character that holds a special place in my heart,” she said at the end of her post, asking fans to stay tuned for more news about Murshid’s story. The star got a lot of praise for the pictures, which actually look too good to be true.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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