Sana Javed says Intermittent Fasting Works for her in Preparation for her Role in “Sukoon”

Sana Javed

We will see Sana Javed again on TV in the drama series Sukoon. In the love story directed by Sirajul Haq, she stars opposite Ahsan Khan as the typical Sirajul Haq heroine. A lot of people can’t help but notice how she looks different—she has lost some weight. And in a recent interview with Nida Yasir on a local TV station, Sana talked openly about how she lost weight and how she combined her health with her work on the latest project.

Ahsan, who was also on the show, made fun of the fact that Sana didn’t eat much during the day. Nida asked Sana, “You look so thin, so skinny. What’s going on? What are you eating?” Ahsan quickly answered, “She’s not eating anything.” This girl doesn’t eat anything all day!” When asked what she thought, Sana laughed and said, “First, thank you. This means that all my hard work is paying off.” Second, I do eat, but only good things.

Ahsan then told Sana about all the snacks in her room. Sana explained that they are brought to her, but they are not part of her diet. She also said that irregular fasting works really well. “When I go into Sana’s room on set, there are these packs of cookies, chips, nimko, and fruits. I don’t understand why, because she doesn’t eat anything,” Ahsan said. “I don’t eat any of that, really.” These things are just brought to me. I believe that fasting every so often works for me,” Sana responded.

Nida then asked the actress if she always works out this way before a show. “No, I don’t,” she said. But I think it was important this time because I was getting too fat. That was how I felt.” Sana also said that she agreed to be in the serial because it was a commercial drama and all of her recent roles have been based on scripts that were meant to talk about different social problems.

“I didn’t used to care before, I was always focused on the performance,” Sana said when asked how important it was to look a certain way for a role. I learned that people need to really work on how they look after this drama. The things you wear and the way you talk all make up who you are.

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Sidra Niazi, Atiqa Odho, Usman Peerzada, Laila Wasti, Nida Mumtaz, Qudsia Ali, Adnan Samad Khan, and Aehsun Talish are some of the supporting actors in Sukoon. Author Misbah Nosheen wrote the play, which is supposed to be a love story with all the drama and romance that Sirajul Haq is known for. The first episode just came out, and it sets the stage for an exciting plot.

Written by Istafa Ali


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