Recalling Millennials favourite 90’s snacks – If You Ate These, Your Childhood Was AWESOME!

Those were the simpler times when we weren’t interested in restaurants and cafes but preferred to stuff our mouths with snacks while watching 5 pm cartoon transmission on PTV.

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If you’re a 90’s kid, you’ve seen it all. Telephones, floppy disks, internet cards, and big CPU’s; you’ve not just experienced it but let’s be real, you miss them too! Those were the simpler times when we weren’t interested in restaurants and cafes but preferred to stuff our mouths with snacks while watching 5 pm cartoon transmission on PTV. Today we’re taking you through a time machine into the past and recalling some of our favourite 90’s snacks. Hold tight, this may get nostalgic!

  1. Top Pops:

Top Pops

These puffy cheese balls were probably the best snack you could get hold of in just Rs5. For today’s generation Rs 5 probably doesn’t even exist. Top Pops was a very addictive snack and one packet never did justice to our taste buds. Top Pops also came with a surprise; a jumbo whistle. These whistles became the super hip collectible back in the ’90s. No matter how delicious these new varieties of crisps may be, the level of Top Pops remains unbeaten. We still miss our orange-stained fingers by reaching the end of the packet.

  1. Naz Pan Masala:

Naz Pan Masala

Meri muthi main band hai kya? Bta do na!” If you’re a 90’s kid, this was your jam. Candy-covered saunf (fennel) mixed with coconut and chalia was available everywhere and for only Rs 2. The prices are beyond imaginable right? If we found nothing to munch on, Naz Pan Masala was always available. Although it might still be available, we remember the time when Naz Pan Masala could be found in everyone’s pockets.

  1. Jubilee:


Forget snickers or mars, Jubilee was the elite chocolate back then. Still very much around today, back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, having a Jubilee bar in your pocket made you feel like you were on top of the world. With its signature gold wrapping, this Mitchell’s chocolate with a centre of sweet caramel and nougatine was enough to make our mouth water.

  1. JetSport:

Jet Sport

Remember when we’d be waiting for our fellow van mates while standing by the ice cream wala, licking onto one of these? JetSport was the go-to ice lolly for everyone especially in the summers. We remember saving some extra pennies from our canteen money just to get a Jet Sport before going home. To date, Jet Sport is probably the best ice lolly Walls came up with. A fridge loaded with the delicious orange Jetsport was the best thing to happen in summers.

  1. Maaza Juice:

Maaza Juice

Picture a hot summer while scorching sun beating your head and a cold sip of thick mango juice gulps down your throat. We made you feel thirsty, didn’t we? Maaza juice was the go-to juice loved for its taste, quality, and handy bottle. Maaza Juice symbolised the spirit of mangoes with its thickness and wholesome taste. Although the market is now dominated by Nestle juice boxes, Maaza remains unbeaten.

  1. BP Spacer Toffee:

BP Spacer toffee

Aik rupay ki chaar, what more could you ask for? These caramel-flavoured long candies were the most loved candies of the ’90s. We remember leaning onto the candy counter handing a few coins to the shopkeeper and with wide puppy-dog eyes, waiting for him to hand over Spacer Toffees.

  1. Bubble your name:

Bubble your name

Buying one of these in anticipation to find your name and never being able to, these round bubble gums were the most bought and sold bubblegum of the ’90s. Not only for its taste but the genius marketing technique, almost everyone would get a handful of these instead of the coins in change just to find their name. And if someone were lucky enough to do it, they would brag about it and we would get fascinated by that person.

  1. Dino Munchies:

Dino Munchies

The ketchup flavoured and dinosaur-shaped crisps were loved by everyone in school and neighbourhood. While there still were many other crisps available in the market, Dino Munchies were always the most in-demand. With its tingling taste and cute shapes, it came in, these crisps were always stocked to munch through cartoon transmission.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed

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