Muhammad Rizwan offers Namaz On NY Street, video goes viral

Mohammad Rizwan just started the executive education programme at Harvard University.

Muhammad Rizwan gets viral for offering Namaz on Streets of USA

Pakistani bowler Muhammad Rizwan has become the center of attention after a video clip of him praying on a New York street went viral. This has led to a heated discussion on social media. When the clip was posted on Twitter, it quickly got a lot of attention and sparked a lot of different thoughts from Twitter users.

Some people called it a “cheap publicity stunt” and asked why he needed to pray on a public street when there were mosques and multi-faith rooms nearby. However, his fans praised his devotion, citing Islamic teachings and stressing freedom of speech.

Sports journalist Farid Khan took to the micro-blogging site on Monday with a clip that captured the moment Rizwan stopped his car to offer his prayers. “Mohammad Rizwan stopped his car and offered namaz on the street in the US,” he wrote.

Muhammad Rizwan recently posted on social media that he was praying for the people who died in the terrible train accident in Balasore, Odisha, that happened recently.

“When people die, it hurts because we are all part of the same ummah. “The people who were hurt in the train accident in India are in my thoughts and prayers,” Rizwan wrote on Twitter.

Criticizers have a list of where something good happens. A user replied, “I mean New York only has 275 mosques in the city, and Islam clearly emphasizes praying in the congregation rather than alone, and numerous hadith speak about the rights of pedestrians and not obstructing public pathways, but hey mashAllah bro.”

Another user highlighted the proximity of a nearby mosque. They tweeted, “The mosque is five minutes away from where he is standing but… well, you’re smart.”

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A lighter response came from a user who commented, “Love how my boy triggered this lot. Here’s another Rizwan,” giving a playful nod to a reference from Shah Rukh Khan’s movie My Name Is Khan.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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