Apple Watch Series 8 – Detects Mental Health Conditions

Apple didn’t have some health features, like a way to check your mood or figure out how sadness, anxiety, and other mental health problems affect your menstrual health.

People say that the Apple Watch series 8 has saved their lives more than once. The watch keeps an eye on a person’s heart rate all the time and lets them know if something is wrong. Customers often say that their Watch picked up on problems with their heartbeat that saved their lives.

But Apple doesn’t want the idea of health to be limited to physical health. During WWDC 2023, the company put a lot of stress on how important mental health is and announced that iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and watchOS 10 will all have new health features. So, your Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad will be able to do a lot more than just track your health.

Apple makes progress in mental health care and cares about both physical and mental health. Their new tool asks users to think about and keep track of how they feel. Using the Apple Watch’s digital crown, people can learn about their feelings and what makes them change.

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Apple has standard tests for anxiety and sadness that look at things like hunger, energy level, and restlessness to help people figure out how at risk they are. Sharing information with healthcare workers makes it easier to get help. The latest  Apple watch series 8 price in Pakistan is PKR-129,999 which is a bit expensive than apple watch series 7 price in Pakistan.

Access to suggested articles and tools adds to the whole-person approach to mental health. Apple wants its people to be able to recognize and take care of their own mental health needs, which will improve their general health. Their growth shows big steps forward in the field and shows how important mental health care is.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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