Muhammad Amir being trolled by Twitteratis

”Muhammad Amir is a perfect case study of ‘Hero turned into villain’. And its really tragic to see it”. Twitter is flooded with hate against M. Amir.

M. Amir being trolled by twitter fans.
M. Amir being trolled by twitter fans.

During the eighth season of the Pakistan Super League, M. Amir is the target of trolling on various social media platforms. During the match with another player, he did not behave appropriately, and this behavior has to be corrected immediately.

Muhammad Amir being trolled by twitteratis is nothing new. Many are expressing their gratitude that Babar Azam chose to leave this squad since they believe he is deserving of being on a better team given how professionally he conducts himself.

Muhammad Amir being trolled by Twitter is seen as he cannot beat the legend ‘Babar Azam’.  Islamabad United beat Karachi Kings

Some said Amir did abuse because a foreign player hit a four. Is it even acceptable?

He does need a mental therapy.

This level of poor attitude is not appropriate for a cricket player, particularly when competing against players from other countries.

This must be the last PSL of Amir just because of his pathetic attitude. People do hate him because he doesn’t have any respect for others

Nothing could beat Babar’s respect and his behavior is why fans love him.

People also stated that how can Mohammad Amir expect to play in the same team as Babar Azam after giving such statements about him. Babar is not only the best in Pakistan, but also in world cricket,” Imran Nazir lashes out at Mohammad Amir. #HBLPSL8 Cricketers must win a match with a good attitude rather than being in a revenge mood.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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