Mooroo Revealed His Earnings from YouTube

YouTube has become a great source of income for content creators in the last decade. Pakistani YouTubers are also creating great bit of content on the social media platform. The medium is more affiliated with youngsters but famous personalities, established stars, sports persons, journalists and people from all walks of life are making content for YouTube. It is a great source of income nowadays. In Pakistan, creators are making vlogs, informational videos, podcasts, comedy sketches, and other types of content as well. Nowadays podcasts are getting audiences’ attention all over the place.

Mooroo is one of the most famous YouTubers of Pakistan. He is one of the first Youtubers from the country. Initially, Mooroo used to make comedy sketches and travel vlogs. Lately, Mooroo has started podcast sessions. He has interviewed the most famous actors in Pakistan like Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan.

In a recent interview, Mooroo said that he is more focused on podcasts therefore he is not making other content that he used to make earlier. Mooroo also explained how much one can earn through YouTube. Renowned YouTuber further added that one can earn up to 4000 dollars on one million views on a long video, on a short video after 1 million views 300 dollars can be earned instead.

This is the reason that people are more focused on podcasts than other videos nowadays.

Written by Istafa Ali


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