Milli: Is it worth watching?

With changing weather, we are witnessing a lot of changes on Netflix as well, story plot-wise that is. There is a bulk of movies and series on Netflix and sometimes, we get indecisive about what to watch.

Netflix does portray us as to which movie/season is going on trending in Pakistan. So, by trusting this trending set, I decided to watch a trending season ‘Sweet Tooth” which touched down in the year 2021. The series takes place in a post-apocalyptic future in which a viral outbreak wipes off the majority of the world’s inhabitants. It also witnesses the birth of hybrid children. These are the movies/seasons that are genuinely up to the world’s ongoing situation.

On the other hand, we trusted the trending option on Netflix blindly. So we decided to watch a Bollywood movie ‘Mili’ which was trending as Number 1 for Pakistan’s zone.

The latest trend of Bollywood copying Hollywood movies is not new to us. ‘Mili’, starring Janhvi Kapoor, is a story of a nursing girl who is trapped in a freezer and struggling for her life.

Prior to that, she is studying for IELTS while simultaneously working at Doon’s Kitchen, a fast food restaurant in a mall. Her life takes an unexpected twist when she is trapped inside a large freezer by her manager mistakingly who didn’t know she was there. The suspense chills the audience who are helpless to see her terror and panic. As she realizes she is all alone inside and begins screaming and pleading for help, but it falls on deaf ears.

Long story short she survives after staying in a freezer for more than 5 hours in that room? Does it seem realistic? We were anticipating some bone-chilling suspense in the movie, but thanks to the ‘skipping option’, we skipped needless elements and ended a 2 hours straight movie within 30 minutes.

Watch it at your own discretion, as we didn’t tell you to watch it!

Written by Istafa Ali


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