Mastodon, Is it a substitute for Twitter?

Mastodon is a distributed and open network with the goal of giving users a greater degree of control over the material they publish.

After billionaire Elon Musk took over Twitter, many longtime users left the social media site because of the mess that followed. Since then, many options have been made and gained popularity, such as Jack Dorsey’s BlueSky and Mastodon. Mastodon claims to be a decentralized open-source network that doesn’t use an algorithm feed and sell its users’ data, unlike Twitter.

Quite similar to Twitter, it didn’t seem to find much change in signing up or the interface of the app, which pretty much replicates Twitter features.

Around 70,000 people left Twitter for Mastodon, but the platform hasn’t caught on, in part because the app has bugs and it’s not clear how to use it. Also, not many people have joined the network.

Even though the platform has improved a lot over the past year, with better speed and fewer technical problems, many users still find it hard to use, and they often stop using it because there aren’t any well-known people on it.

It didn’t have a hard time navigating, and neither was it confusing when it came to “tooting” a post instead of “tweeting” it. The options for the desired action that appear for posts on your feed are pretty much replicated from Twitter, though they may be called differently.

Servers, also known as instances, are websites that host content specifically for consumption on Mastodon. You may join a server based on your interests, which might include politics.

Despite first impressions, learning how to use the site and switching from Twitter to it is not difficult at all.

Mastodon is still a fantastic idea in theory, but the platform hasn’t seen the same level of interest since Musk bought Twitter in 2018.
Even though Twitter’s users have been criticized, with some tweaks, app simplification, and greater appreciation, more people may be tempted to make the switch.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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