Javed Afridi – An Apple A Day Keeps Chelsea Away

There is someone who doesn’t know how to give up and every attempt of his gets our hopes high. Yes! my pal, that man is none other than Javed Afridi. Nowadays he is on a new mission, i.e., An apple a day keeps Chelsea away.

Javed Afridi – An Apple A Day Keeps Chelsea Away

People say when you face rejection or are denied something – the sadness gets too much to handle and then you try investing your time in better things. This will help you stop thinking about that painful event and you’ll be using your efforts and time in something productive. Jesay Pakistan mein log pyar mein dhoka khanay kay baad CSS ka exam dey detay hain. Aur yaqeen karien pass bhi ho jatay hain aur jo nahien hotay wo mazeed dhokay khanay kay liye tayar ho jatay hain. But there is someone who doesn’t know how to give up and every attempt of his gets our hopes high. Yes! my pal, that man is none other than Javed Afridi. Nowadays he is on a new mission, i.e., An apple a day keeps Chelsea away.

Javed Afridi – Monthly Round About             

A person who doesn’t know how to just sit and do nothing, Javed Afridi, is definitely the kind of man who has absolutely everything to do. Kattay kholnay koi in sei seekhay wo bhi aise jo hamari umeedoon ko kahan sei kahan ley jatay hain. Honestly, he is doing all that he could to bring something to Pakistan that will create hype on the national and international levels. Afridi is the owner and chairman of our very own PSL team, Peshawar Zalmi, MG JW Automobile, and is the CEO of Ruba and Haier. Not to mention that Javed Afridi was once upon a time the prospective buyer of Chelsea.

Javed Afridi and Peshawar Zalmi: The Charmers

Peshawar Zalmi has been one of the most-liked teams of PSL. There are always people who support Zalmi besides their favorite team. Although, it won the PSL trophy just once, but it still remains a charmer. Not only the team but the owner i.e., Javed Afridi, has his own charms too. His ownership has added significant value to the team.

PSL 7 ended last month and we think this kept Javed Afridi occupied. When the cricket series was going on we’d only hear about Afridi and Zalmi’s stories. However, since the day PSL ended, it came really hard on Javed Sahab. Bas kuch horaha tha, kuch tou karna tha lekin sawal ye tha akhir kiya? Then the golden opportunity presented itself in the shape of Chelsea.

Chelsea and Javed Afridi: The Tales Of Unrequited Love

The news of the famous football club on sale was the highlight of this month. Many buyers showed up at the so-called auction, but the moment Javed Afridi started bidding, the sellers halted the sale. Yeh kia mazakh hua. Yes, Javed Afridi was so inclined towards buying Chelsea, but the owner Roman Abramovich put it off the market. Dar gaya tha Abramovich kahien Afridi khareed na ley. Peshawar aya hota tou kabi aisa na karta. Anyhow, this news got our hopes high that we started dreaming of Chelsea opening the gates for football in Pakistan. It is important to mention here that Pakistan is already working on popularizing football in the country.

Therefore, with or without Chelsea, we will one day make it to the world’s top tier of football. As long as we have Javed Afridi, everything will be fine. But wait, Javed Afridi just didn’t stop here. NASA stopped after exploring the moon and is not moving on to exploring the sun. The reason is crystal clear: they didn’t have Javed Afridi on board.

Javed Afridi Nay Kia Chelsea Khareednay Ka Faisla – Kiya Ho Payien Gay Afridi Sahab Kamyaab?

So, after being denied Chelsea, Javed Afridi came back with a new purpose and motto that is an apple a day keeps Chelsea away. We think that the grief of not being able to have Chelsea has hit him hard with Apple and this apple, my friend, is not some fruit. Yes! You guessed it right, it’s the one and only the Apple Company with the logo of khaya hua apple.

Javed Afridi and Apple: The Beginning Of A New Chapter

By now you must have gotten an idea of what an exciting and adVENTURous life is Javed Afridi living. Chelsea’s end marked the beginning of a new chapter in his life. Now, Afridi Sahab has all his eyes on bringing Apple to Pakistan. And by bringing, we meant opening an Apple phone assembling facility in Pakistan and not buying the whole company. Ab har baar ka mazak hai kiya, itnay sakht shopaholic bhi nahien hain ab Afridi Sahab.

Javed Afridi has hinted at bringing Apple to Pakistan and yet again our hopes are high. If this happens, believe us, it would not only save us a lot of money but also our kidneys too. We’ll get to keep both our kidneys inside with an Apple phone in hand. Definitely, it would be a sight to watch. If Apple manufactures in Pakistan, then the import tariffs (commonly known as the PTA tax on imported mobiles) would be reduced, making the overall price of the iPhone affordable. In-office too, we have a colleague who thrashes all our dreams of buying a mobile by telling us the PTA tax that we would have to give. One time, her mini PTA dictionary welled up our eyes. Na kiya karien aisa, this dukh is as real as the tape on my mobile. But with Javed Afridi, we still have hope.

If this happens, it would be good news for everyone. And if things don’t pan out the way Javed Afridi wants then knowing his personality, he’ll be back with other sansani khaiz, hairat angaiz, zameen mai gar janay walay adventures.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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