Irfan Junejo asks you to try 6 Hidden Foods in KHI

Fish katakat, Gol Gappay, and the other meals on this list are among those that, despite their low prices, are sure to leave your mouth watering.

Irfan Junejo tries different kinds of food in Karachi
Irfan Junejo tries different kinds of food in Karachi

Irfan Junejo, a YouTuber, has made it his mission to educate those who are ignorant of the rich history behind some of Karachi’s most popular dishes, particularly members of Generation Z who are preoccupied with eating at fast food restaurants and upscale dining establishments. Irfan tries different foods in KHI and has asked us to try them too. Let’s have a loom at the best six foods.

Junejo considers nalli nihari and naan from the tandoor to be an “elite” combination, despite the fact that pizza and burger outlets each have their own unique appeal. However, the YouTuber does not only visit well-known restaurants but rather seeks out and highlights those that have been there for a long time and managed to maintain their high standards of quality and flavor.

1. Javed Nihari

Top of the list is the world-famous Javed Nihari – a dream started by Haji Javed in a small shop. There are two locations in Karachi; one in Federal B Area and the other at Tariq Road. However, the former one at Dastagir no 14 is the one where it all began.

2. Jilloo Bhai Bunkabab

Envision yourself as a successful entrepreneur who doesn’t feel the need for a company name because of your absolute certainty in your abilities. The proprietor of a modest Gulshan-e-Iqbal block 14 bun kabab thela, Zulfiqar, nearly exploits the fact that his establishment, a “benaam thela,” does not require a name. Junejo compares taking a bite off of this treat to reuniting with an old friend in his shoutout video.

3. Fish Katakat

There were two significant events that took place in 1965. The first one is obvious, and the second one is behind me,” explains Junejo in a film that gives us our first taste of the mouthwatering (and blistering) delicacy that is Fish Katakat. The YouTuber recommends the restaurant, Mashallah Fish Katakat, which is located in Liaquatabad, Dak Khana.

4. Mishkil Khan’s Afghani Boti

Junejo, a shopkeeper in Al-Asif Square, claims that you haven’t lived until you’ve tried “the man, the myth, the legend Mishkil Khan’s Afghani Boti.” The soft, spicy beef is cooked to perfection and practically melts on your lips.

5. Raees Qorma

Located at Landhi, Raees Qorma has mastered the art of using chemistry to create a delicious dish, as per Junejo. This Qorma is truly unbeatable with its perfect blend of acidic spices and curd bases, creating a unique and delicious infusion of neutralized flavors.

6. Memon Fries

It’s great that there are two types of fries in Karachi! Junejo mentioned the second type that you can enjoy on your way back from tuition, which sounds like a fun and tasty treat. You’re in for a treat at Memon Fries! Their special secret sauce, known only to the owner and his son, is sure to add an extra burst of flavor to your meal. And the best part? You can find them conveniently located at Bhaijaan Chowk, Aisha Manzil.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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