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Taking to Twitter, the 26-year-old singer admitted, “Coke Studio Pakistan is next level,” he wrote, adding fire emoji.

Coke Studio

Coke Studio has always produced one-of-a-kind music, that knows how to attract the audience and their attention. It is for this exact reason that we have for a very long time jammed to the songs released in the earlier years of Coke Studio. However, the best part about Coke Studio is the simple fact that it has united people across the border. And maybe because of that – we have recently heard from Armaan Malik – a 26 years old musician, who took to his Twitter to announce that Coke Studio Pakistan is next level.

Taking to Twitter, the 26-year-old singer admitted, “Coke Studio Pakistan is next level,” he wrote, adding fire emoji.

Updating fans about his favorite track from season 14 of the outlet, Malik wrote, “Currently obsessed with Pasoori by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill!” and added a heart emoji.

He also left his followers swooning over his melodious vocals as he covered the song. Earlier, India Television star Nakuul Mehta took out a moment to celebrate Gill’s talent. “Shae Gill is the most beautiful & powerful voice I have heard in a while… Still lingering on…” he wrote on Twitter. Replying to his Tweets, fans flooded the post with their love for the singer’s new song.

As one social media user commented, “Yup! I’ve had pasoori on a loop for a while. Now must find her other songs.” The 39-year-old actor responded, “Pasoori is so stunning.”

This just proves that Coke Studio is loved worldwide. This year, season 14 had been a different ball game altogether, and with that, it showed to the world different ways in which one can compose and produce music that is bound to touch the hearts of the listeners.

Music communicates in a language that only some can understand. It is not something everyone can relate to or maybe the simple fact that there are times when one person wants to hear something sad, whereas another person would want to listen to something loud. It depends on the mood – and Coke Studio Pakistan, season 14 has catered to the demands of all such people and given us something that we did not think was possible.

To see music being used as a tool to bridge the gap between counties, especially India and Pakistan, and as something that can unite the people of two nations is something we all love and hope to continue.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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