“I Have Zero Regrets on Loss of Work on Supporting Palestine.” Dananeer Mobeen



Pakistani content creator and actress Dananeer Mobeen took to her Instagram story to disclose how her support and being vocal for Palestine has cost her various projects but she has no regrets about the loss of work. On her Instagram story, she penned “the amount of work I’ve lost because of standing with Falasteen and I’ve zero regrets.”

In the West, artists are getting axed for being vocal about Palestine. Even famous and renowned artists like Susan Sarandon and Bella Hadid are facing down on their projects to show solidarity with Palestine. But the case is different in Pakistan, artists are openly showing their support for Palestine as Pakistan has a longstanding support with Palestine. After Dananeer’s statement, it has been a talking point if she has lost any local projects or international projects.

The 21-year-old social media influencer got fame when she uploaded a five-second video known as “Pawri ho rahi hai” on her social media platform. The video went viral across the sub-continent rapidly. Famous celebs across South Asia recorded the same videos as Dananeer’s, which gave her more fame. In the video, she intentionally mispronounced the English word “Party” as “Pawri” mocking Asian people who try to sound like westerns.

This five-second video gave her so much fame that she got cast in main stream media, getting good roles in Pakistani TV dramas.

Dananeer has been using her social media platforms to raise her voice and to intensify the humanitarian crisis occurring in Gaza and the West Bank under Israel’s occupation. She posted another story in which she is crying over the brutal cruelty and bombing of the people of Palestine. She is also very emotional about the condition of people in Gaza.

“Every day I wake up and think it’ll get easier. But how does looking at torn-apart bodies of children become easier?” Dananeer expressed her sorrow. “Fathers holding their dead children in their arms? How does it get easier?”

The internet personality furthered on, imploring people to continue vocalizing their support for Palestine. “It doesn’t. And it shouldn’t. And this feeling should be our sole motivation to keep talking about it.”

Almost 14,500 people have died since October 7 in Palestine. The Hamas and Israeli forces are fighting over Gaza. Hundreds of thousands of people are displaced from their houses. People are waiting for basic humanitarian aid in the region.

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