Hareem Shah sets eyes on UK Parliament

hareem shah sets eyes on UK parliament

Hareem Shah, a rising star on social media, said she is now involved in politics in the UK and wants to join the British Parliament one day.

Hareem said that she joined a major UK political party because one of its leaders asked her to.

“In the UK, there are three big, well-known parties.” “I can’t say which party it is yet, but I can say for sure that I’m a member of one of them,” she said about the Liberal Democrats, Tories, and Labour.

She also said, “A top leader of one of these parties asked me to join.” Going forward, I want to run for office and become a part of the UK parliament. I’ll be in the UK Parliament. These events require young, well-liked leaders. They came up to me because I’m at the top of Google’s search results. I’m well-known. I’m also one of the most searched people in the world.

“I feel lucky that someone reached out to me in this way.” I will use free and fair methods to win the race. I’m going to speak out for Pakistan. I already work to protect human rights.

The TicToker was given protection by Scotland Yard after getting threats from some people here after she told the police that she was being blackmailed, chased, and threatened. This was revealed by The News last week.

The trouble began when a group of British Pakistanis went to Pakistani media outlets and said that Hareem had stolen their £6,000 in a theft in Manchester and then fled to London.

Hareem says the people who say she stole money should report her to the police and let them look into it instead of spreading lies about her on social media and threatening and blackmailing her.

Hareem told the London Police about what happened, and they called in the police from Slough and the Modern Slavery Human Trafficking Unit (MSHTU) of the UK government to help with the investigation.

The police told  that Hareem was told to leave her known address just outside of London and was moved to a new address set up by the police to protect her from the people she said were looking for her and banging on her friends’ doors.

Hareem hasn’t been back to Pakistan since she left more than a year ago. She says she now lives in London full-time.

Written by Istafa Ali


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