Hadiqa Kiani rules the screen once again!

Meher-un-Nisa’s journey to reclaim her own identity is what we are excited to see.

Hum Tv’s current drama Dobara is slowly becoming everyone’s new favorite. We already know that one of the main reasons is the female protagonist of the show Hadiqa Kiani. She is a timeless beauty and every 90’s kid’s favorite pop diva in Pakistan. She is best known for her singing across the world in various languages and genres. Besides her excellence in singing, Hadiqa Kiana has always been an active feminist, a devoted philanthropist, fashion icon, an invested mother, an entrepreneur, and now an actor.

With her extra ordinary talent, gorgeous looks, and grace, she has always managed to win our hearts. We saw her power-packed performance as an actor in her debut drama “Raqeeb Se” giving us chills. The drama was a super hit and now we cannot wait for Dobara to be as successful either as each episode is filled with so many emotions and something to relate to.

Before the drama aired its first episode, we were all so happy as it gave out a very new story line. Hadiqa Kiani plays the role of young Meher-un-Nisa, who was married to a man twice or thrice her age, Hidayat ullah, played by Noman Ijaz, another national favorite of Pakistan. After her husband’s demise, Meher-un-Nisa realizes that she has been living her life under dictation due to which she had to give up her childhood and her love for tennis. She lived her life with loyalty and dedicated herself to Hidayat Ullah and his children. Her will to be a person of her own is a challenge that this drama is pointing at and Meher-un-Nisa’s journey to reclaim her own identity is what we are excited to see

We see the very talented Bilal Abbas Khan too, who is so much younger than Meher-Un-Nisa and according to the trailer, they will tie the knot. Dobara’s story is very different from other dramas, and we see a strong woman’s journey of protecting her own identity besides being a wife, mother, and a mother-in-law, Meher-un-Nisa’s character is very fascinating and empowering, something our youth was starving to see on TV. We really look forward to more exciting episodes of the show and we wish the best of luck to the entire team for the message they are sending out through this beautiful script.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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