Good Bye Cultus-We will miss you

Suzuki faced a fluctuation and a bumpy line on the graph on sale of Cultus cars in last few months. Suzuki is focusing on the new Suzuki Swift and Alto.

Be ready Pakistanis, the veteran Suzuki Cultus will no more be manufactured. Rush and grab a Suzuki Cultus if you can, because, after a decade or two, you will be able to show off that, “look! I have a Cultus” like few people show off by saying “I have a 2 Rupee note in my home”. It is a bit sad for car lovers to know Cultus won’t be manufactured anymore. We just came out of the pain of losing our beloved Mehran from the manufacturing plants of Suzuki. Yeah, it is sad but we have to cope up with the situation.

But don’t worry guys, there is always a replacement for everyone and everything in the world. Suzuki faced a fluctuation and a bumpy line on the graph on sales of Cultus cars in the last few months. Suzuki is focusing on the new Suzuki Swift and Alto. Ok, alright, we accept the fact that Suzuki is focusing on manufacturing Swift and Alto, but does it mean you stop the veteran cars go shutting down?

The world is changing. We used to see diesel, petrol, and CNG cars on the Pakistani roads. Now we see hybrid cars, and electric cars and we might see solar cars in the future. The modern cars are fuel-efficient, comfortable, smooth, and with no cabin noise at all. Just close your eyes after you finish reading this article and imagine a low white Cultus having the old traditional shape, you make your biceps by rolling the window handle 10 times in half an hour, driving it zig-zag on a crowdie Murree Road, putting your arm not on the armrest but on the window. These are little jubilations and adventures of ours that Suzuki is taking away from us. We will have to push a single-touch button instead of rotating a hard AC nob.

Suzuki has a reason that they are shutting down the manufacturing of Cultus, as they stated they are focusing on Swift and Alto. I am fond of all types of cars, I have followed lots of Instagram handles that post about cars. One of them is about old classic cars. I will feel happy and satisfied when I will see a Cultus on that page after a couple of decades.

Cultus along with Mehran is not only a car, it’s an institution. An institution that has taught thousands of people how to drive a car on Pakistani roads.

Dear Cultus, you will be missed. But let me tell you in the last three years you also flew out of the common man’s reach as your price went rapidly up. Finally, no love is lost, no one can replace you. I will tell my friends who own a Cultus to maintain it well and take good care of the car, as they won’t be able to buy a new Cultus ever.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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