Fall in Love Again With Ayesha Omer’s New Song

Ayesha Omer approaches to her musical industry by giving out a refreshing song with sweet lyrics.

Ayesha Omar has certainly taken a distinction and refreshing approach to her musical career by giving out another song, Har Koi Yar Nahi.

The music is a lovely vision for all nature aficionados, with stunning landscape vistas of the Gilgit-Baltistan mountains and pure crystal blue lakes. The Tere Ishq Mein crooner Ayesha took to Instagram to announce the debut of her new track, along with a passionate post explaining the premise behind her recent work.

Ayesha said she realised she should film her October birthday trip to Gilgit-Baltistan, which is her favourite region in Pakistan. She considered it doing a vlog because she wanted to show the world the wonderful beauty of my beloved nation. But one night she then decided to write a song and film a music video there. As she asks, What better place to be than Gilgit?

She went on to say that Lenny Massey was the one who encouraged her throughout her musical career and also cooperated with her on this song. Moving on, the Bulbulay actor added that the music video was shot in two days in different locations. Omar also admitted to doing her own hair, makeup, driving to places, hiking up and, trekking for hours, carrying clothes, water, and snacks.

Omar closed her message by praising the work of her staff. She thanked to everyone by saying that thank you to all of the incredible boys that were a part of this production. She adores each and every one of them. Ayesha wanted them all to fall in love with the song, with your Creator, with your country, and, most importantly with yourself.

Following the virality of Omar’s music video, people flocked to the comments section to praise the starlet’s “angelic voice” and the song’s “wonderful lyrics.” “I love this!” said one enthusiast. I’m very proud of you for sharing your voice – you sound like an angel, and the lyrics are amazing. I can’t wait for more!

While fans may have their own ideas, the music video has the ability to win anybody over, whether it’s the nostalgic photography or the sweet lyrics. Omar has certainly taken a distinct and refreshing approach to her musical career.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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