Saurapods: A Dinosaur with a Record-Breaking Neck

The sauropods were an extensive and varied family of tall, slender dinosaurs. The first of them showed up 225 million years ago, and for the following hundred million years they governed the planet with an iron fist.

One type of a dinosaur having a record-breaking neck
One type of a dinosaur having a record-breaking neck

The neck of a plant-eating sauropod that was occupied by now China around 162 million years ago had a length that was approximately 10 feet longer than the length of a regular school bus. This made it a dinosaur with the record-breaking neck of any dinosaur that is now known.

The creature’s neck was around 15.1 metres long, which allowed it to remain in one place as it sucked up the flora around it. This would have allowed it to maximise the amount of food it ingested while conserving its energy.

In a new study of the fossil, which was published on Wednesday in the Journal of Systematic Palaeontology, palaeontologists compared M. sinocanadorum with other related sauropods that have been discovered in recent years by using computerised topography scanning, which was not widely available three decades ago. A study found out that a dinosaur with a Record-Breaking Neck can be a treat to your eyes as well.

The heads of sauropods are very tiny compared to the rest of their bodies, and they possess four thick legs that are pillar-like. Their necks are also quite long. They are famous for the immense sizes that certain species may acquire, and the group contains the most giant animals that have ever lived on land. Some of the species in this group have been known to survive for millions of years.

The word ‘sauropod’ is derived from Greek and its meaning is ‘lizard foot. The sauropod’s long neck allowed it to reach far into the environment for food without moving the rest of its body. They’ve eaten everything from grass to the tender foliage of trees. By not having to go very far to get food, this way of feeding conserves energy.

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