Bard, Google’s new chatbot, is now available for testing in the US and the UK

Google on Tuesday invited people in the United States and Britain to test its AI chatbot, known as Bard, as it scrambles to catch up with Microsoft-backed ChatGPT.


On Tuesday, Google extended an invitation to individuals in the United States and UK to test its artificial intelligence chatbot known as Bard. The company is racing to catch up to ChatGPT, which is supported by Microsoft.

Apps like Bard and ChatGPT, along with others like them, may be instructed to write essays, poetry, or even computer code on demand; however, users should be aware that the content produced by these applications may be unsuitable or wrong.

Those who are interested in playing with Bard may sign up for a waiting list at the website, which is completely unique from the search engine operated by the computer giant.

In a tweet, Google CEO Sundar Pichai referred to the move as a “early experiment” that enables humans to work together with generative artificial intelligence (AI).

“We’ve learned a lot so far by testing Bard,” Google vice presidents Sissie Hsiao and Eli Collins stated in a blog post. “The next essential step in developing it is to collect input from more users,” they said.

The more individuals who use them, the better LLMs (long language models) are at predicting what replies could be useful. This is something that we continue to notice.

Chatbots, despite the excitement they generate, are not without flaws, as Hsiao and Collins have pointed out.

The vice presidents believe that it is possible for them to provide comments that include real-world prejudices, stereotypes, or inaccurate information.

In contrast to Microsoft, which has elected to rapidly make its products accessible to customers despite complaints of issues, Google has decided to implement its generative AI with a greater degree of caution as it rolls out its new features.

Microsoft, which earlier this year announced that it will provide the research business with funding in the amount of billions of dollars, is a supporter of ChatGPT’s OpenAI project.

OpenAI has now launched a long-awaited upgrade to its artificial intelligence system. The company claims that this new version will be safer and more accurate than its previous iteration.

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A significant portion of the new model’s capabilities are now accessible to the general public via OpenAI’s premium membership plan, ChatGPT Plus, as well as through an AI-enhanced version of Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

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