Barbie crossed Oppenheimer at Box Office This Weekend!

This weekend, ‘Barbie’ is expected to make $100 million more than Christopher Nolan’s atomic hit, ‘Oppenheimer’.

barbie movie

It appears that “Barbie Movie” is outperforming “Oppenheimer” this weekend, as moviegoers flock to see Margot Robbie portray Mattel’s plastic doll. However, both films appear to perform even better than their studios had anticipated.

According to studio projections seen by The Hollywood Reporter, Greta Gerwig’s film is on track for a $155 million opening weekend in the United States. In comparison, Christopher Nolan’s atomic explosion epic is expected to gross $77 million.

Internationally, “Barbie Movie” is projected to earn an additional $120 million, bringing its total to $275 million, while “Oppenheimer” is anticipated to earn $89 million, bringing its total to $166 million.

That implies the first film in the “Mattel Cinematic Universe” will gross more than $100 million more than Nolan.

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In addition, Gerwig now has the highest opening weekend for a film directed by a woman, surpassing Patty Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman.”

The production of “Barbie” reportedly cost $145 million, plus an estimated $100 million for its elaborate marketing campaign, whereas “Oppenheimer” reportedly cost $100 million.

Despite “Barbie’s” dominance and reported displeasure from Nolan’s camp regarding Warner Bros.’s decision to release the film on the same day as Universal Pictures'”Oppenheimer,” it does not appear that the scheduling has harmed either film.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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