Aurat March Has It’s New Anthem by Hasan Raheem

During the march in Lahore, an interpretation of the song recorded at Coke Studio was played.

Aurat March 2023 has its new Anthem by Hasan Raheem
Aurat March 2023 has its new Anthem by Hasan Raheem

As the anthem of the Aurat March, “Peechay Hutt” shows that Hasan Raheem supports the “brave women” of Pakistan.

The phenomenal singer Hasan Raheem, who became an overnight sensation with his Coke Studio debut, has dedicated his smash track, “Peechay Hutt,” to the late Aurat March. The 25-year-old artist claims he originally composed the song for Justin Bibis, but that he fully supports the “voice of the women of Pakistan” in their struggle for equality.

Raheem tweeted his support for the movement on Tuesday. He declared that “Peechay Hutt is the hymn of Aurat March” and that the song belonged to the uprising. The song, which began with the lyrics “Rasta choriye ab ham agaye” and was written for Justin bibi’s, has since become the undisputed anthem of Pakistani ladies. Let freedom ring once more!

Raheem continued, “[I] stand in solidarity with the courageous women of Pakistan who are out in the streets demanding their rights and fighting for gender equality. All we have to do is pay attention, provide our backing, and take some kind of action. Finally, he wished everyone well and wished them #Peechay Hutt and #Rasta Choriye.

Raheem, Bibis, and Talal Qureshi are the three members of this Aurat March Anthem ”Peechay Hutt”. The music was also included in the soundtrack for the movie Ms. Marvel.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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