Asim Azhar Angry on People Chanting Hania Aamir’s Name



Asim Azhar is a young singer who has made a special place for himself in the music industry. The young singer is very famous with youngsters and he has made variety of songs. Asim is very successful but with success comes a lot of scrutiny as well as trolling. Though Asim Azhar and Hania Aamir broke up a long time ago now, the public still loves to link their names together.

Asim is now engaged to Merub but trolling has still not stopped. There have been situations where the crowd at Asim’s concerts were inappropriate and chanted Hania’s name while he was performing but things got better later on and people stopped doing that.

Asim Azhar was present at a literary festival in Karachi. He was on stage while Yasir Hussain was hosting when some people started chanting Hania Aamir’s name again. This angered Asim who could not keep control on his emotions and called those students out openly.

Asim took the mic and asked public not to behave inappropriately as he is engaged and has a private life to be respected.


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