Apple to Permanently delete Photos in July 2023

If the picture doesn’t get deleted, it’s worth a thousand words.

Apple to Permanently delete Photos in July 2023

Next month, Apple will permanently delete your entire photo album and photos from your iPhone. The tech giant has said that it is ending My Photo Stream, a file that saves your photos from the last 30 days instantly.

As part of the shutdown, My Photo Stream stopped posting photos on June 26, and when the album is removed on July 26, everything in it will be lost.

If you have an iPhone, you should go to My Photo Stream, which you can get to through the Photos app, and save the photos on your device.

Photos posted to My Photo Stream before June 26 will stay in iCloud for 30 days from the date they were shared and can be viewed on any device where My Photo Stream is turned on.

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Since 2007, My Photo Stream has been a free option for iCloud Photos, which just got more expensive in the UK and other places.

On its online help page, Apple says, “My Photo Stream will be turned off on July 26, 2023.”

As part of this change, you won’t be able to add new photos to My Photo Stream from your devices after June 26, 2023.

Users took to Twitter to talk about how sad it was that the feature that had been around for a decade was going away.

They tweeted, “I used it to transfer photos between my iPhone 6 running iOS 12, my iPhone 4 running iOS 6, and macOS.”

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