Ali Sethi and Shae Gill’s New track ‘Left Right’ is Out!

Fans of Pasoori can’t wait for Ali Sethi and Shae Gill’s new song “Left Right” to come out.

Ali Sethi and Shae Gill's New track 'Left Right' is Out!
Ali Sethi and Shae Gill's New track Left Right is Out!

Pasoori pair Ali Sethi and Shae Gill announced a collaboration with music heavyweights Abdullah Siddiqui and Maanu, and their fans have been holding their breath ever since. Only three days after its debut, Left Right has already become a Twitter phenomenon, as listeners debate which of the four featured voices is their favorite.

However, another person tweeted that this song could have been made better if there was no rap in it.

“A new song released by Ali Sethi called Left Right is not a bad taste at all. It’s a completely different and new track. In my opinion, there was no need for rap, it was better to keep it simple,” they wrote.

A fan of Gill felt like the song could have used a little more of their favorite singer’s voice – or the song could be just her too. “Left right should be just Shae gill song, love Abdullah Siddiqui, Maanu and Ali Sethi but they were extras,” read the tweet.


Moreover, Sethi’s attire during Coachella drew much criticism. Left Right praised the Chan Kithan singer’s lack of agitation in the face of online abuse. “Losers on the internet are having a full-blown discourse over Ali Sethi’s clothing and sexuality while he just casually dropped another banger,” they said.
With this, another user tweeted that whosoever thought about putting Shae Gill and Ali Sethi together did a wonderful Job. The combo of both these singers had a very good record previously for which people are absolutely loving their new track.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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