Yaseen Khan Wins Mr. Pakistan Olympic 2023 Title

At the 34th National Games in Quetta, Wapda bodybuilder Yasin Khan won Mr. Pakistan Olympic 2023.

Image Courtesy: Yaseen Khan

During the 34th National Games, which are now being held in Quetta, well-known bodybuilder Yaseen Khan, who competes for the Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda), was awarded the title of Mr. Pakistan Olympic 2023. This is a significant accomplishment.

The athlete from Peshawar, who was fighting against the best bodybuilders from throughout the country, maintained his position as the winner.
Yaseen faced up against Fida Baloch, a competitor from Karachi, in the event’s championship round. As a result of receiving the most votes as the finest poser, he was awarded the prized title.

The world’s best bodybuilder commented, “It’s a very proud moment for me,” and he was right. I put in a lot of effort to get to this point. He continued, “I would also like to express my profound gratitude to my parents, my coaches, and my friends for their unwavering support.”

In the final round of the event, Yasin competed with Karachi’s Fida Baloch. He was voted as the best poser which earned him the coveted title.

“It’s a very proud moment for me,” the champion bodybuilder said while speaking to GeoSuper.tv. “It was a tough competition overall. I worked really hard to reach this stage. I am extremely thankful to my parents, trainers, and friends for their all-out support,” he added.

After being declared the victor, the crowd hoisted him onto their shoulders for a lap around the bodybuilding arena. I was surprised by how warmly the people of Quetta welcomed me. I appreciate the help and kindness of everyone there.

Yasin hopes to one day compete for Pakistan on the world stage, where he has already won many awards.

Yaseen Khan famously known as Mr. Pakistan 2023 is now also considered among the ones who do bring prie to Pakistan.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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