Wind becomes the Major Power Source for the UK

For the first time ever, wind turbines in the UK have produced more power than gas.

Wind becomes the major power source for the UK

According to studies carried out by Imperial College London during the first three months of this year, wind farms supplied one-third of the nation’s total electrical demand. In the UK, wind turbines have produced more power than gas generators for the very first time in history.

Additionally, the UK National Grid has confirmed that the amount of solar energy generated in April set a new record.
The United Kingdom has set a target date of 2035 to achieve its goal of having all of its power have net zero emissions.

The investigation was sponsored by Drax Electrical Insights, an organization that receives financial support from the Drax electricity business.

Offshore wind farms have been responsible for providing the bulk of the United Kingdom’s total wind electricity. In England, the installation of new onshore wind turbines has been practically prohibited since 2015.

According to scientists’ findings, the transition to renewable sources of energy is an essential part of mitigating the effects of climate change, which are already being felt in many parts of the world, including the United Kingdom, which just had its warmest year on record.

Both wind and solar energy have experienced a tremendous expansion in the UK. In the first three months of 2023, renewable energy contributed 42% of the United Kingdom’s total electrical supply, while fossil fuels like gas and coal contributed 33%.

Lack of capacity in the power infrastructure means that some new solar and wind sites have to wait up to 15 years to be connected.

Furthermore, just 18% of the United Kingdom’s energy requirements are met by electricity. Home heating, industrial production, and transportation are just a few examples of the numerous areas where electricity falls short.

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