Visa Issues Leave Pakistan Cricket Team Without Crucial Officials in Australia

Visa and passport issues have become a roadblock for the Pakistan cricket team as the squad faces the prospect of playing without a team doctor and a team manager. The team is currently in Australia preparing for the upcoming Test series against the host nation. However, the absence of Dr. Sohail Saleem, the official team doctor, has left the team without medical assistance.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is still working on getting Dr. Saleem a visa so that he can join the squad in time for the first Test in Perth. The PCB has assured the team that they are doing everything possible to resolve the issue and have Dr. Saleem with the team as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, former Test batsman Shoaib Muhammad, who was appointed as the manager of the Pakistan U-19 team for the Asia Cup in the UAE, has also been unable to accompany the team due to passport issues. The PCB is currently working to resolve the issue so that Muhammad can join the team as soon as possible.

To add to their woes, Sajid Khan, the off-spinner who is set to replace Abrar Ahmed in the Pakistan squad in Australia, has also had his departure delayed due to visa issues. This means that the team will have to rely on their existing squad for the first Test in Perth, which could prove to be a tough challenge.

The PCB has assured the team that they are doing everything possible to resolve these issues as quickly as possible, but it remains to be seen how soon these problems will be resolved. The Pakistan cricket team will have to stay focused and work hard to overcome these obstacles if they want to put up a good fight against the strong Australian side.

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