The Rainy Weather in Lahore Saw a Drastic Change Today!

The flooding caused by the rain in Lahore is Totally an inconvenience for the locals.

The changing weather in Islamabad and Pindi has caught up everyone’s eyes. The heat wave which was in Islamabad and Lahore was just caught away with heavy rain showers on Saturday and Sunday. The weather in Lahore and Islamabad was changed from the scorching heat of the Sun into beautiful cloudy weather.

The weather in Lahore has been updated on Twitter by tweets. Early risers woke up to a cloudy sky on Sunday. The city witnessed the first spells in the morning itself. The afternoon and evening also saw rain across the city.

The weather was said to be beautiful until it changed into a hurdle for everyone. People Tweeted saying, Lahore Kalma Chowk Underpass at the Moment. This was Inaugurated 3months back during PSL8. But seemed like there is a massive drainage flaw in it. As authorities are still not able to evacuate water from it. This underpass connecting garden town and liberty

The Roads in Lahore have been converted into somewhat swimming pools. As a person tweeted, Heavy Rainfall converts Roards into a swimming pool.

The situation changed upon which the people tweeted, Stop crying…Karachites have been facing this for 15 years.

Let’s just hope for the safety of the people living in Lahore.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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