Significance Of Internship-A Hoax Or Worth It?

Significance Of Internship-A Hoax Or Worth It?

Before entering the practical field, it is important to know the industry and systems.  An internship provides the opportunity to showcase your skills. It also helps to connect with professionals in their respective fields. In this article, we will discuss the significance of Internships. Is it a hoax or is it worth it?

The students might be good at the theoretical aspect of their field, but not its practical implication.  The conceptual knowledge can be integrated with the training in the internship. This will facilitate the students to implement the theory in the workplace.

Benefits of Internship

Students have to face a lot of challenges while entering the practical field. There are a lot of benefits of an internship. It opens a world of opportunities for students. Following are some of the benefits of an internship.

  1. Introduction to office dynamics
  2. Helps you determine your interests
  3. Connects you with industry professionals
  4. Tests industry knowledge
  5. Gain Practical Experience

Impact on Students

Internships can have a long-lasting impact on students. some of the key impacts are:

  1. Learn soft skills
  2. Helps with interviews
  3. Evaluate and assess the work
  4. Be independent
  5. Learning teamwork
  6. Updating the CV
  7. Adaptability
  8. Problem Solving
  9. Time management

In Pakistan, unfortunately, the internships are not taken care of. The internees are taken advantage of. Rather than utilizing their skills, they are used as someone very low. The purpose of the internships gets lost somewhere, which should not be the case. The organization should make sure that the internees hired would be benefited from the company’s environment and resources.

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The internships should be used for their future career development and professional and personal growth. Academic institutions should closely work with market professionals so that more students can avail the opportunities. Effective internship programs, training, and learning environments can be provided so that the internees can have personal growth.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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