Season 2 of Squid Game will be premiering Soon

The blockbuster Korean television show, Squid Game, returns with another smashing season.

Season 2 of Squid Game will be premiering Soon
Image by Netflix

“On your marks. Set. Greenlight.” Squid Game has been given the green light for its season 2, which doesn’t come as a surprise given how famous and well-liked it is.

The good news was shared on Twitter by Netflix on June 12, 2022, along with a short preview video. Fans almost went crazy when they asked for the return of some of their best characters of Squid game going to appear in Season 2, even though they had been killed in bloody ways.

There was also a lot of serious talk about who might come back. Some people thought Wi Ha-joon might come back as Detective Hwang Jun-ho. We know he “died,” but as one Twitter user pointed out, we didn’t see a body.

Fans of Squid Game, an iconic dystopian drama that was a huge hit on Netflix, have reason to celebrate in 2019, as the programme will be brought back for a second season. On the other hand, the following season will have an exciting new turn, diverging from the series’s previous sinister storyline.

The new season is a spin-off reality programme called “Squid Game: The Challenge,” and it is the format of the new season. 456 candidates will participate in a series of non-lethal tasks in order to win an astounding prize pool of $4.56 million. These challenges will take the place of games in which life or death is at stake.

The news comes after the event was the subject of criticism earlier this year because of claims that some of the games were played in less-than-optimal settings. It did not go unnoticed that the show centred around high-stakes survival, featured participants making such complaints.


Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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