PSL 9 Likely to be Relocated in Dubai

One of the biggest and most competitive cricket leagues in the world is Pakistan Super League (PSL). Top players from around the globe have highly praised the quality and level of cricket in PSL. Initially, when PSL was started, it was all played in the United Arab Emirates because of the law concern over law and order situation from international players in Pakistan. Gradually mega cricketing events came to Pakistan finally. It was a great boost for Pakistani cricket and Pakistani cricket fans.

This time around there is a speculation that PSL might return to Dubai for its ninth edition. This time because of the franchise’s owner’s concerns. This growing speculation has led the PSL governing council to conduct an urgent meeting in Lahore on September 25th.

Franchise owners have a concern over the state of PSL affairs. The meeting on 25th September will be the first between Zaka Ashraf and PSL team owners.

PSL franchise owners are particularly discontented with the lack of consultation regarding the appointment of the PSL head. According to sources PSL franchise owners have also shown frustration over the perceived sluggishness in the management of PSL, with lingering concerns over the handling of PSL 8 expense. One more concern shown by franchise owners is regarding scheduling and dates for the PSL window which is February- March, they said management should have consulted them over the dates.

Other leagues and domestic leagues in South Africa overlap the dates of PSL. These and many other concerns and issues between PSL management and franchise owners will be addressed in the meeting.

PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf is set to resolve the vacuumed situation between the two parties for a smooth conduction of PSL. PSL is an integral and important event for the overall betterment and financial stability of PCB.              

Written by Istafa Ali


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