PAKvENG: Abrar Creates Record in Debut Test at Multan

Abrar becomes the second Pakistan bowler to take ten-wickets in debut Test

abrar ahmed makes record

Abrar Ahmed, a mysterious Pakistani spinner, made his Test debut against England in Multan and had an outstanding game with match stats of 11-234.

This is the second-best performance overall, behind Mohammad Zahid’s 11-130 against New Zealand in 1996, and the best match statistics for a Pakistani spinner making his Test debut.

Abrar Ahmed, then 15 years old, insisted his friends stop labelling him a “superstar” after capturing five wickets with his alluring spin in a club match in Pakistan’s coastal city of Karachi.

Pakistan defeated England for 281 in their first innings on Friday in Multan after defeating them for 7-114 on his Test debut nine years prior. Pakistan was able to dismiss England in their opening innings as a result of this.

He increased his total by four runs in the second inning, which he had already scored in the first.

Ahmed created magic of his own on a turning pitch, earning the moniker “Harry Potter” from pals due to the fact that he wore glasses resembling those of the fictional young wizard.

“His passion for the game, the hard work he puts into bowling, and the thirst for taking wickets… It was only a matter of time before he made a name for himself on the international stage, his brother Amjad told AFP by phone from Karachi.


Written by Istafa Ali


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