Most Beautiful and Power Couples of Pakistan

Valentine’s Day Special- This Valentine’s day, we are paying homage to the real and true power couples of Pakistan who changes the course of not their lives but steered many lives with them.

most beautiful and Power Couples of Pakistan

Valentine’s Day celebrates love and today we have decided to compile the most beautiful and power couples of Pakistan 2023 that have not only shaped their own lives but also contributed to society as well.

Let’s check out the list of who has made it to the most powerful couple in Pakistan:

Muhammad Ali Jinnah & Rattanbai Jinnah

The first and foremost on the list are none other than Muhammad Ali Jinnah & Rattanbai Jinnah. Rattanbai Petit and Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s marriage in 1918 was nothing short of a box-office hit. It was, indeed, “the marriage that shook India,” as the title of Sheela Reddy’s book indicates. Jinnah had many adversaries who were envious of his success, given his high stature in the eyes of the British government, inside the Congress and the Muslim League, and before both factions of the Home Rule League (headed by Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Annie Besant, respectively). Ruttie, Bombay’s diamond, had so many suitors she had rejected that it would be unrealistic to suppose they were all delighted with her marriage. Jinnah’s position as Bombay’s first successful Muslim lawyer in a profession formerly dominated by individuals from other religious faiths did not sit well with many.

most beautiful and Power Couples of Pakistan

Ashfaq Ahmed & Bano Qudsia

Ashfaq Ahmed and Bano Qudsia are the two most inspiring personalities in Urdu literally the world. What a beautiful coincidence, two amazingly spiritual souls were actually made for each other and especially they got a chance of alliance in this world too.

Between them, they have well over 60 titles, several television shows, and countless radio works. It would be difficult to find a more prolific writing duo in literature than Ashfaq Ahmed and Bano Qudsia, who are well-known for a variety of reasons. The two have long been noted for their distinct perspectives on the various difficulties surrounding man’s existence, as well as their distinct attitude to life in general.


most beautiful and Power Couples of Pakistan

Ahmed and Qudsia remain an inseparable unit. It is difficult to imagine one without something of the other coming into the picture. They represent one school of thought — ‘old’, but by no means dated — and share a remarkable sense of unity in managing their image in public.

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Sheharyar Zaidi & Nayyara Noor

Sheharyar Zaidi, a veteran artist in the current age of drama was married to ‘BulBul-e-Pakistan Nayyara Noor. Nayyara Noor was one of the iconic and celebrated singers who is also considered one of the subcontinent’s most popular singers. Together they had two children. While Nayyara Noor was in college, she met a boy named Shehryar Zaidi. They both participated in various inter-college competitions in which Noor used to receive the first prize and Zaidi used to come second. They then met at a gramophone record shop searching for Begum Akhtar’s discs. Their couple is no doubt a very powerful one in the entertainment industry. Their dramatic love makes it more incredible as well.

Samina Peerzada & Usman Peerzada

The most good-looking and highly admired couple in the Pakistani industry Samina Peerzada and Usman Peerzada stole our hearts with their good looks and amazing dramatic skills.In an interview called GMP Shan-e-Suhoor Usman reveals that it was his wife Samina Peerzada who approached and proposed him in a uniquely blunt way.

Film and television actress, producer and director Samina Peerzada tied the knot with Usman Peerzada in February 1975. Basically, they have been spending priceless moments together for almost a lifetime.

Usman declared that initially, he was working on a project with Samina’s niece. The niece was playing the role of Usman’s daughter. However, little did Usman know that this on-screen daughter will also prove to be immensely useful in real life and she became the route through which Usman met Samina.

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After a few intense meetings, Samina was blown away. She realized that Usman is the man of her dreams and proposed to him right away. But, her proposal was more of a ‘blackmail’ than a profession of her undying love.

It went like this:  “Will you marry me? Marry me or go away and never come back”. Usman reveals that he was very shocked by Samina’s straightforwardness however he had already given her his heart and wanted her to be his life partner so he agreed eagerly.

The major twist is that Usman and Samina’s marriage was a secret as Samina’s mother didn’t approve of Usman’s profession. In the end, everything turned out well. Samina’s mother came to terms with the situation and the couple is living a fantasy in terms of a ‘happy marriage’ to date.

most beautiful and Power Couples of Pakistan


Faiz Ahmed Faiz & Alys George

Faiz Ahmed Faiz is among the most well-known Urdu authors and poets. Faiz, who was born in 1911, comes from a family of academicians and made significant contributions to both literature and politics at the time. He met Alys while teaching poetry at Government College University, where Alys, a British national, was a student.

The outbreak of the Second World War paved Alys’s plans to return to England and she had to stay back in India for much longer than was originally planned. This resulted in her spending long hours with the young and passionate poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz, who was a regular at Taseer’s. A growing fondness and camaraderie developed between the two revolutionaries and soon Alys converted to Islam so as to marry Faiz in 1941, in the valley of Kashmir.

At the time of her marriage, Alys was given a Muslim name – Kulsoom, references to which are found in abundance in Faiz’s poetry. In the early years of marriage, Faiz, who was just emerging as a famous poet earned his living as a lecturer at the Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental (MAO) College in Amritsar. The Partition saw Alys leave India with Faiz to settle in Pakistan, her adopted country. What is little known is the many extraordinary roles she would play in shaping her new country, in many significant ways.

Alys was the muse for Faiz’s poetry. The figure of the muse, generally, signifies a passive presence which by its very existence imparts to the poet his art. Yet, the muse, generally conceived as a feminine figure, has no voice of her own. She is invoked in the poet’s art and in exchange she instils in him the poetry that he seeks. The muse, after the poet has found his art, is unable to act or react in any way except by passively accepting the invocation of her poet. Their love is an extraordinary one. It is sort of the love whose real place is none other than a love book.

most beautiful and Power Couples of Pakistan
















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