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Bored? No, not any longer. Here are some videos, books, and music for you to enjoy.

There are a lot of things to read, watch, and to read. Every person has their own choice of reading and watching films. But T magazine has given us the picks of the week that would help us in choosing the best/right choice.

What to Watch: Extraction 2

A sad Tyler Rake lives in a small house in a forest on the side of a mountain in Austria with his dog. He chops wood with his one (good) arm, and then he heads to Georgia on a dangerous mission to machine-gun bad guys into bloody messes while saving people. Extraction 2 picks up right where Extraction, which came out in 2020, left off. Sam Hargrave’s ability to keep you on the edge of your seat during cleverly staged action is reason enough to fire up this mindless entertainment. The chases, firefights, and fights are intense, but the ending is weak.


Diamante Eléctrico is one of the most interesting bands to come out of Colombia. Their style of Colombian indie rock can be described in three words: funky, creative, and important. The music of this band, which has won three Latin Grammys, focuses on community and place, which are important not just in the Latin indie rock scene but in music as a whole. The song Sueltame, Bogota or let me go Bogota was written by Juan Galeano and Daniel lvarez. It is a plea to get away from a smothering home and shines as a funky love letter to living in a busy city.

What to Read: Why Nations Fail

Ben Ansell, an award-winning professor at Oxford, uses examples from Ancient Greece to Brexit and his research that goes against common sense to explain why democracy works best when there is a lot of inequality and how more political and social equality can make class differences worse. He shows very clearly that lawmakers are not the problem, but that our goals as a whole lead to five political “traps.” Ansell says that politics won’t end, but it doesn’t have to fail either, and that we can get out of the political traps of our imperfect world.


Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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