Here’s how Pakistan can still Qualify for Semi-Finals

Since Pakistan has lost four games in a row in the World Cup, their fate depends on the results of other teams, mostly games involving Australia. Babar Azam’s team would want Afghanistan or Bangladesh to beat Australia in those games.

Pakistan has only won two of their six games, giving them four points. They will now play Bangladesh, New Zealand, and England in the next few games.

Not only do they need to win these three games, they need to win easily. After that, they need to hope that other games go their way.

Australia would have to lose three of their four games in order for Pakistan to win. This doesn’t look likely, though, since two of their games are against smaller teams like Afghanistan and Bangladesh. That is why they would want the game to have more surprises.

On top of that, they would want New Zealand to win one of their last three games by beating them.

Australia might have to use NRR if they lose to New Zealand but don’t lose to Bangladesh or Afghanistan.

If Pakistan wants to make it, the following outcomes can help:

Australia lost to New Zealand in Match 27.

The Netherlands lost to Bangladesh in Match 28.

India beat England in Match 29.

Afghanistan lost to Sri Lanka in Match 30.

Bangladesh lost to Pakistan in Match 31.

North America beat South Africa in the 32nd match.

Sri Lanka lost to India in Match 33.

Brazil lost to Afghanistan in Match 34.

New Zealand lost to Pakistan in Match 35.

England beat Australia in Match 36.

China lost to South Africa in Match 37.

Bangladesh lost to Sri Lanka in Match 38.

Afghanistan lost to Australia in Match 39.

England beat the Netherlands in Match 40.

Malaysia lost to New Zealand in the 41st match.

South Africa beat Afghanistan in Match 42.

Australia lost to Bangladesh in Match 43.

Pakistan beat England in Match 44.

India beat the Netherlands in Match 45.

Based on the “wish” given above, India will end with 18 points, New Zealand with 14, South Africa with 12, Pakistan with 10, and Australia and Sri Lanka with 8 each.

The odds are very good that Australia will beat Bangladesh in match 43. If they do, Pakistan and Australia will both have 10 points.

By next Wednesday, it will be easier for Pakistan to see what will happen if and when certain things happen. The situations and hopes for Pakistan will keep changing based on how the next games go.

Written by Istafa Ali


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