Feroze Khan ‘Did It Again’ Saga Continues

Feroze Khan is the talk of the tinsel town and for all the wrong reasons again. He needs to be mum for a while now. Shaniera Akram called out the actor for risking his child’s safety while driving on the road

On Friday, actor and activist Shaniera Akram shared a screenshot of Feroze Khan driving with his toddler in his lap to emphasise how dangerous such behaviour may be. The post quickly went viral on social media, with many individuals joining the conversation on road safety. Feroze Khan has now reacted to Akram on the matter, defending his actions.

Feroze Khan posted a video on Instagram showing Khabib Nurmagomedov, a prominent Russian MMA fighter, battling with a brown bear. Regarding the combatant, Khan stated, “The world’s best fighter! He’s lucky he didn’t listen to you [Shaniera] or your father while being trained, otherwise, he’d have squandered his gift.”

Feroze Khan's cryptic message

Upon viewing Feroz Khan‘s reaction, Shaniera Akram also posted an Instagram Story demanding the actor stop sharing videos about ‘animal cruelty’. “I have no idea what this means, please refrain from sending me sick, cryptic animal cruelty videos. Feroze Khan may not have liked actor-activist Shaniera Akram’s statement about his disregard for his child’s safety while driving, but her criticism has sparked discussions on the need to wear seatbelts and drive responsibly.

Ayesha Omar and Fia Khan also weighed in on the issue. Agreeing with Shaniera’s remark, the pair recalled previous traffic accidents and praised her for continually advocating for road safety.

She went on to say that after her terrifying experience, she can’t image sitting in a car without a seatbelt and always encourages everyone around her to do the same. “I cannot emphasise how important seat belts are. It saves lives for yourself, your children, and every individual passenger in a car,” Ayesha explained.


Following that, Fia said she was in an accident with her daughter in Lahore nine years ago on Women’s Day. Because her family was used to wearing seatbelts, they survived the collision without serious injuries.

“Cut short, the car overturned several times and we landed upside down on the opposite side of the road. If we wouldn’t be wearing the belts, trust me! We would have been out of the windscreen and maybe down the bridge,” wrote Fia. She also sent love to Ayesha and Shaniera Akram for speaking up.

Well, We agree with what our celebrities are saying but do not understand where Feroze Khan is coming from. He needs to stop talking and start pondering on his actions. It would do good for him and his fans.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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